"Journal of Urban Research (JUR) is a regional peer-reviewed research journal. The journal is published by Cairo University under the scientific supervision of the Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning. JUR is currently published online (open-access). The Journal publishes high-quality papers in all aspects of urban research such as architecture, urban design, urban planning, housing, infrastructure planning, environmental planning, landscape architecture and planning, regional development and planning, historic conservation and preservation, urban area upgrading, regional and urban strategies and policies, etc.".


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My sincere congratulations to the faculty family


The second phase of the development of the college magazine has been completed


The magazine was reevaluated for the highest grade in Egyptian scientific magazines (7)


Congratulations to the college family and thanks to the great effort of the whole team

Soon, we will complete the third phase of development


My loyal greetings,

Prof. Dr./Hisham Al-Barmelgi

Dean of the College