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cairo University

As a result of the efforts of a group of enlightened pioneers such as Mohamed Abdou Mostafa Kamel, Kassem Arneen, Mohamed Fareed and Saad Zaghlool; Cairo University was inaugurated as a private university on December 21, 1908. Their goal was to establish a university that would guide the country in diverse aspects of development. It was to provide a platform for the expression of free speech and create a bridge to link young student with the advanced science and technology mechanisms of the developed world. This university was the first in Egypt to create specialists in different disciplines; a development that triggered many Egyptian minds and enriched many Egyptian lives. 


A Royal Decree was issued on March 11, 1925 to establish a state university known as the Egyptian University. This university consisted of the following four faculties: Arts, Sciences, Medicine, and Law. Towards the end of 1925 the School of Pharmacology was merged with the Faculty of Medicine.


In the early twentieth century, a faction of the patriotic struggle against occupation was associated with opposing the educational policy, and demanding an education system that accommodates Egyptians who were seeking the study of science. In the context of this movement; the move to establish an Egyptian University appeared after a broad base of high education roots were available at Egypt.


A presidential decree was issued on the September 28, 1953 to rename the university from the University of Fouad I, to the University of Cairo.


There was a need to expand in university education. This was the responsibility of Fouad I University (Cairo University) which placed the nucleus of other universities and carried the burden of its establishments, the core of these growing University branches are: Farouk the First University – Alexandria University, Ibrahim Pasha University- Ain Shams, Mohamed Ali Pasha University – Assuit,......

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the faculty of regional and urban planning

The Faculty of Regional & Urban  Planning started in 1978/1979 on its old building site in Galaa street, Cairo. In 1991 its name was changed by a presidential decree from Institute of Urban & Regional Planning into Faculty of Regional & Urban Planning (FRUP).

The FRUP is the only integrated college in Egypt and the Middle East in the field of Urban and Regional Planning, which includes four departments:

  1. Department of Regional Development
  2. Department of Urban and City Planning
  3. Department of Urban Design
  4. Department of Environmental Planning and Infrastructure
Graduates of FRUP are registered as Engineers in the Syndicate of Engineering in Architecture branch.
Our field of work includes, different ministries, consulting companies in the field of design and planning, local governments, in addition to local and international agencies working in the field of Regional and Urban Planning and development.

Degrees awarded by the College

First: bachelor's degree in Urban and Regional Planning: The duration of study for college bachelor degree five years - ten semesters connected.
Second: Master's Degree in  Regional and Urban  Planning.
Third: PhD.  in Urban and Regional Planning.
FRUP curriculum is changing to match technological advances in academics and the requirement of the job market. It accepts around 200 undergraduate students each year.