Faculty Dean

Professor Mohamed Hussein Refaat

Professor of Landscape & Urban Design


Urban Design Department

Faculty of Regional & Urban Planning 

Cairo University


Vice- Deans

Education and Student

Affairs Sector

Professor Ghada Mahmoud Ahmed  Hassan

Professor of Regional & Urban planning


Regional planning Department, Faculty of Regional & Urban Planning, Cairo University

Postgraduate and Researches Affairs Sector

Professor Ebtehal Abdelmoity

Professor of Regional & Urban Planning


Regional Planning Department, Faculty of Regional & Urban Planning, Cairo University

Community Service and Environment Affairs Sector

Professor Marwa Sibawei Hamed

Professor of Geoinformatics & Urban Modelling


Environmental Planning Department, Faculty of Regional & Urban Planning, Cairo University 



The College of Urban and Regional Planning is a scientific beacon that achieves  leadership in the areas of urban planning at the local and regional levels, achieving  excellence at the international level in the programs and curriculum of urban planning  for bachelor's and postgraduate degrees, contributing positively to community  development projects and solving the problems of planning and sustainable development in the Arab region.

Our Message

To develop an urban planner and designer capable of understanding and solving  the problems of interaction between society and its urban environment in the light  of economic, political, social and environmental variables; in addition to raise  the effectiveness of theoretical and  applied studies and research; to meet the needs  of society; and to achieve a scientific curriculum capable of competing on the local,  Arab and regional level within the framework of continuous development of the  educational process for the bachelor's and postgraduate programs, using information  technology systems adapted to the requirements of the twenty-first century and within the framework of prevailing university and  community norms. 


  • Developing a scientific approach applied to the modern science of planning and urban design, and engineering and human sciences compatible with the needs of society and the different requirements of work.
  • Support the ability of graduates to meet the requirements of professional practice and commitment to traditions and to participate and compete effectively with working teams in different disciplines of urban planning.
  • Expanding the students' intellects, developing creativity and innovation to solve the problems of society.
  • Strengthening the capacity of students to self-learning and information collection, classification, analysis and producing projects, design, planning and presenting them following a scientific methodology to solve the problems of development society.
  • Producing projects, design, planning and presenting them following a scientific methodology to solve the problems of development in society.
  • Strengthening the students' skills particularly the use of various computer applications, techniques, skills, technology tools and information systems in all disciplines of planning and urban design.
  • Graduating qualified planners and designers who possess understanding and scientific knowledge keeping up with the requirements of the Age.