About Us

The Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning is the only integrated Faculty in Egypt and the Middle East at Cairo University in the field of urban and regional planning, and includes four specialized departments in this field:

  • Regional Development
  • Urban Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Environmental Planning and Infrastructure

The college graduate gets the title of engineer and becomes a registered member of 

the Engineering Syndicate in the Architecture Department

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Our Story

  • The inauguration of the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning in was in 1978/79 in the old building on Al- Galaa Street in Cairo. By a Presidential Decree in 1991, The Institute became a faculty and the name changed to the Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning and moved to the new building in the Cairo University Campus.

Our Vision

  • Achieve leadership in the fields of urban planning in local, regional and international levels, and achieve excellence in the education programs of the urban planning curriculum for bachelor's degrees and postgraduate program to be recognized internationally, in addition to developing the study centers of the faculty to contribute effectively to community development projects.

Our Message

  • Continuous development of the planning studies and urban design for the bachelor's and postgraduate levels, in order to prepare an urban planner and designer capable of understanding and solving the problems of urban society in the light of economic, political, social and environmental variables, raising the efficiency of theoretical and applied studies and research, in addition to meet the needs of society to form a planner capable to compete locally, regionally and internationally using the latest information technology systems and research methods for the requirements of the twenty-first

Our Goals

  • The development of a modern applied  scientific approach to the urban planning and design, engineering and humanitarian sciences that is compatible with the needs of society and the various work requirements. 
  • Support the ability of graduates to achieve the requirements of professional practice, adhere to its traditions, compete and participate efficiently effectively with the work teams in the various urban planning specialties.
  • Broadening students' horizons and  developing the capacity for creativity and  innovation to solve society's problems.

Main Aims

  • Upgrading the institutional and  competitive capacity of the College  (physical and human potential and effectiveness)
  • Raise the college's educational effectiveness for the bachelor's and postgraduate program to keep up with local, regional and international variables and compete  while preserving Egypt's cultural identity.
  • Adoption of a special program (Green Cities Program) for the bachelor's degree to meet global and requirements and the  Sustainable Development Strategy 2030.
  • Support student and academic activities  and promote communication with  graduates.
  • Develop and support scientific research andscientific activities and link them to the  comprehensive and sustainable  development plans and strategies of the  state.
  • Enhancing the efficiency of community  participation and environmental  development.
  • Increase in the number of incoming international students at the bachelor's  and postgraduate levels.

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 Code of Conduct and Ethics

Code of Conduct and General Professional Ethics
النسخة النهائية من مدونة سلوك وأخلاقيات
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 Student Charter

Student Charter
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Cairo University

Cairo University is the second oldest Egyptian university and the third in the Arab world, after Al-Azhar University and the University of  Quoraouion.


With the intensification of the assistance of the Egyptian National Movement in the earlytwentieth century, elite  leaders of the national action and pioneers of the Enlightenment and Social Thought  movement  in  Egypt,  such as Mohammed Abdo,  Mustafa Kamel,  Mohammed Farid, Qasim Amin, and Saad Zaghloul, announced the  establishment  of the university on December 21, 1908 with the goal of realizing a dream that has long  appealed  to the imagination of the people of this country, which is  the establishment  of a university that will advance the  country in various aspects of life, and be a beacon  to the  basis of free thought and a basis for scientific renaissance and a bridge  connecting the country with the sources of  science.


On March 11, 1925, a decree was issued to establish the  State University in the name  of the Egyptian University. It was later renamed Fouad I University then Cairo  University  after the July 23, 1952 revolution.


Initially, the university consisted of four faculties:

  • Law
  • Literature
  • Science
  • Medicine

In the same year,  the  School  of  Pharmacy  in  the  Faculty of Medicine.  On August 22, 1935, a Royal Decree-Law No. 91 was issued integrating the Schools of  Engineering, Agriculture, Higher Commerce and Veterinary Medicine in the Egyptian  University. 

In 1955,  the Departments of Pharmacy and Oral and  Dental Medicine were separated  from the Faculty of  Medicine, making them independent Faculties.


Three Cairo University graduates won Nobel Prize.

In 2004 the University was listed among the best 500 universities in the world.



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