Credit Hours


Coursework is counted in credit hours. In general, a credit hour represents a one-hour class period that requires at least two hours of individual study each week for one semester. Thus a course of three credit hours would meet for three hours a week and the student would be expected to study for six hours outside of class. Studio courses involve less outside work, so usually one hour of credit is granted for a two-hour session.


Academic Semesters


The academic year consists of two main semesters in addition to the summer semester. First semester is the fall semester which starts at September; the second semester is the spring which starts at February. The study must be at least 12 weeks in each semester. The summer semester starts at July and the study continue for 7 weeks.


N.B: Students are allowed to register for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 9 credit hours.

 Required Credit Hours 


The student must successfully complete at least 177 credit hours with grades of “C” or better to obtain the Bachelor of Science degree in the "Regional and Urban Planning with specialty in GCPD PROGRAM". The study is normally completed over ten consecutive semesters; with a minimum of a 5 years period; of the date of first registration as a freshman; covering the three consecutive stages of study namely: introductory stage then core stage, finally the advanced stage.