How to Specify in a Department

  • In the fourth year second semester (8th semester), students are distributed in one of the four departments.
  • Distribution is based mainly on students choice.

Each student sort the departments according to there choice: 

1st Choice

2nd Choice

3rd Choice

4th Choice


Then students gets distributed according to there GPA in each department


If a student is good in all departments, he gets nominated to the 1st choice.

If a student has a high GPA in the courses of Department X and low GPA in the courses of Department Y.

And his Choices were the following:

1st Choice: Department Y

2nd Choice Department X

That student will be nominated to Department X, as he didn't get a high enough GPA to get to Y.


  • There are no standard GPA requested for each department.
  • The distribution is based on each class choices and there GPA.


N.B: Once nominated for a specific department, student can't change this department.