Geographical Information Systems International Diploma

The diploma assists graduates to obtain distinguished job opportunities through its partnership with the most important Egyptian and international companies in the field of geographic information systems and government agencies, by organizing an exhibition of graduation projects and students work at the end of each academic year.

The International Diploma is divided into 2 Diplomas

Teaching Methods and the Technology Used 


At the SICL

- Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning -

- Cairo University -

Number of Students

20 to 30 Student

By Booking Priority and Following an interview

Professors and Trainers

Those in charge of the diploma are a group of academic professors with international degrees in information technology and its applications and who have practical experience in the labor market, through their work in the largest Egyptian and international GIS companies, in cooperation and partnership with a selection of certified trainers from the Environmental Systems Research Institute ESRI

Teaching Methods

The diploma teaching plan is based on practical application and projects. The content of the study materials is designed to contain 25% theoretical lectures, 50% practical training under the supervision of a Professor/Trainer, and 25% individual application from each trainee.

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