About QAU


Contribution to achieving the faculty’s vision through the continuous upgrading and development of its outputs in the educational and research process and community service to achieve leadership and competitive advantage at the local, regional and international levels


In light of the criteria of the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation, the unit seeks to spread the culture of quality, follow-up and develop the quality of performance in all the activities carried out by the college to achieve total quality and gain the trust of the community by raising the level of efficiency and excellence for college graduates and maintaining accreditation


  1.    Participation in enabling the faculty to achieve the vision, mission and strategic objectives.
  2.    Spreading and developing awareness of the culture of quality for all concerned parties.
  3.    Develop a system for analyzing and evaluating performance at the faculty, proposing a general policy to enhance strengths, assess weaknesses, and develop plans for improvement and development within a specific time frame.
  4.     Developing the capabilities of faculty members, the supporting staff, and the administrative staff, and building trained and effective managerial staff to develop performance in the faculty.
  5.    Providing technical support to the institution to achieve the requirements of the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation.
  6.    Motivating and supporting all categories of the faculty to participate in the continuous development to achieve the faculty’s goals towards providing a distinguished educational service.
  7.    Ensure the existence of strong and effective relations with the Quality Assurance Center at the university.