Department of Environmental Planning and Infrastructure







Prof. Dr.  Tarek Abou El Seoud


Environmental planning field from a Joint Venture program of Cairo University and Portland State University, USA, 2005. The MSc degree in the geographic Information systems for urban applications from faculty of Geo-information science for Earth Observation [ITC], Twente University, The Netherland 1995.


Tarek Abou El Seoud is an associate professor of environmental planning  department of Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning, Cairo University. He is major specialization in geoinformatics systems, econometrics and spatial, mathematical modelling and applied statistics for urban planning since 2005. 


His research focus on the integration of geographic information systems, econometrics, spatial, mathematical modelling and applied statistics in environmental and urban planning field. From 2005 until now, he is working as a GIS consultant for several organizations GOPP, OUDA, UNDP and UN Habitat of several realization projects, among them the development of the strategic planning of Cairo & Giza governorates, as well as the strategic planning of many Egyptian small cities and villages.