Green Cities, Planning& Design 


The faculty of Urban and Regional Planning is honored to announce the inauguration of its first special credit hour system program  "Green Cities, Planning& Design" starting from the academic year 2019-2020. The program to  be held at the faculty premises in Cairo university campus, and is tough in English.

About the GCPD Program

  • The program of "Green Cities Planning and Design - GCPD" is offered by the Faculty of Regional and Urban Planning (FRUP) as one of the applied engineering science faculties under the jurisdiction of Cairo University and the engineering sector of the Supreme Council of Universities.
  • Students fulfilling program requirements are granted a Bachelor of Regional and Urban Planning – with emphasis on "Green Cities Planning and Design”.
  • Graduates of the 5 years GCPD program are registered with the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate under the "Architecture Division" and are granted membership of the Arab Union of Engineering.


  • This program enables national and international students to address environmental and socio-cultural determinants in urban patterns while contributing to the development of “Sustainable Green Cities” worldwide.
  • The GCPD program instills values, skills and knowledge required for the planning and design of sustainable green cities.
  • Students are trained to conceive harmony among the three pillars of sustainability: physical, social and economic. 

The Vision


   Addressing the ethical, creative, and skillful application of the art and the science of planning and designing green urban and natural environments in the Egyptian and the international context.

The Mission


   To disseminate knowledge regarding Green Cities and their creation. It adopts the concept of green planning within the national, regional and international contexts of engineering and planning fields. This program emphasizes the role of FRUP in the scientific research and makes way for contextualizing international sustainable development methods, tools and models that are functional and feasible for developing countries.

Advantages of the Program

  • Making education delightful and interesting for all the students
  • Various dynamic curriculum in the fields of Urban Design, environmental Planning, Architecture, landscape and Geo-INFORMATICS
  • Technical skills achieved based on critical thinking and interactive teaching techniques.
  • Limited number of students (30-50) in lectures and tutorial classes
  • An Interactive Communication between staff and students
  • Strong correlation between teaching and research
  • Improve the communication skills and English language proficiency
  • Covering and up to the standard of the national academic reference (NARS)
  • Practical qualification of the students to the standards of the national and international job opportunities 

Professional Scientific title


    The program of "Green Cities Planning and design" offered by the faculty of Regional and Urban Planning as one of the applied engineering science faculties under jurisdiction of Cairo University and the engineering sector of supreme council of Universities. Student fulfilling the program requirement is granted the Bachelor of Regional and Urban Planning - in the field of "Green Cities Planning Engineering and design”. The student certificate will be issued and certified from the Cairo University, Faculty of Regional and Urban Planning. Graduates should be able to register within the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate under the "Architecture division" also the membership of the Arab Union of Engineering is granted.

Job Market


   The GCPD Program offers graduating students an opportunity to work in the following fields:

  • Urban Design,
  • Environmental Planning & Design,
  • Landscape Architecture
  • City Planning. 

 Prospects for GCPD graduates is in high demand and include opportunities working with:

  • International institutions such as: UNICEF, UNDP, UN-Habitat, GIZ and the like.
  • Governmental Institutions both locally and in the MENA and Gulf region including the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development; The General Organization of Physical Planning (GOPP); New Urban Communities Authority; the Central Agency for Reconstruction; National Planning Institute; Tourism Development Authority and many more.
  • The Private Sector including both national and international consultancy firms.


Leaders in Planning and Design


   The FRUP has for long lead the urban and regional planning in Egypt, the MENA and Gulf Region setting a precedent and a school of thought. It hosts some of the most gifted and renown professionals in the field. Pioneers in city and regional planning, urban design as well as landscape architecture are amongst our faculty.

ppropriately, FRUP faculty have contributed to the planning and design of some of the most celebrated and iconic projects in Egypt, the MENA and Gulf region. Furthermore, and in recognition of their successful performance, FRUP faculty have in recent years been selected for appointment as Ministers of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development as well as Governor of Giza.